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Graphic design

Specialising in montage images, image optimisation, photographs to sketch, logo, business card design and advertising layouts. Social media file development for business and personalised branding.

Websites design and development

Design and development - small websites customised to your requirements. Set ups may include:

  • host registration
  • domain registration
  • optimisation
  • maintenance


MultiMedia development including:

  • image optimisation
  • audio and video editing
  • integration of images, audio and video to video/DVD output
  • animated online presentations


Resources for promotion, business and/or training with outputs for print, online and CD/DVD distribution including:

  • brochures, flyers, DVD demos, CD catalogues, newsletter publications
  • policy and procedure documentation, procedure manuals, instructional guides
  • power point presentations
  • animated online presentations

CD's and DVD's

CD computerised projects including:

  • animated slideshows
  • html interface with secondary access to documents and files.

DVD projects including:

  • shirley lynnchaptered projects
  • html interface with secondary access to documents and files.

Projects incorporate interface, label and package design. Specialising in personalised projects for special occasions.

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